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APP: Ring Ride


Ring Ride is a smart phone app designed to increase support for walking and cycling in Vienna. Players try to avoid obstacles (including dogs, other bicyclists and Mozart). The app takes players to the larger site for more information on events, project ideas, and resources.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Wider engagement and action: The game spreads the appeal of cycling advocacy to a wider audience, with links and "calls to action" links in the app.

Drawing users to serious content via a game: The game serves as an entry that leads to more serious content that may be less effective when presented in a newsletter or website.

Tips & Techniques

Getting started with apps: See if your city or non-profit already hosts an app that can be expanded for interactive games.

Developing a game: Any game should relate to your mission whether it's a racing game (like Ring Ride), trivia or a photo app. Ring Ride breaks the racing app mold by using bicycles and Mozart.

Linking to advocacy: Design for inviting links to substantive information, but recognize users' limited attention (roughly half of users spend no more than 15 seconds).  Use images, infographics and clear buttons to make reading and acting short. Update information often so users go past the game for updates. 

The Ring Ride app:  For new biking infrastructure along the Ringstrasse, the app's goal is to develop civic applications and technology to support the public process. It includes:

  • Ring Ride smart phone game, a fun way to engage people in the process
  • Ringstrasse150.com website: information on organizations, events, ideas and resources for improving the Ringstrasse
  • Best Practices, information on designing sustainable streets and urban cycling (coming)

Hot Buttons: Some user plans/phones limit the number of apps, risk users will play once and abandon the app.


Ring Ride App