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Cycle Atlanta App

Cycle Atlanta is a smart phone app that collects and reports information to inform decisions on bicycle programs in Atlanta Georgia

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Data: Cycle Atlanta automatically sends data to transportation planners regarding route demand. Information can also be extrapolated to assess public health and safety.

Bicyclist support: Users can track information, make notes and report conditions such as distance, speed, CO2 saved, and calories burned.

Public Outreach: The Cycle Atlanta site has an interactive map that shows trip making characteristics for bicyclists and non-bikers alike.  The information can help provide information to hesitant bicyclists who can see popular routes.

Tips & Techniques

Getting started: The app is available for Apple and Android devices. 

Goals: The Phase 1 (2011) study listed five main goals: (1) information for transportation and land use; (2) economic development; (3) environmental protection; (4) enhanced mobility; and (5) and community service/benefits.

Transportation Planning: The app supported cycle infrastructure investment decisions for five new bicycle corridors, as well as links to other regional trails including the Atlanta Beltline. The city also endorsed the NACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide in 2011.

Information collected: data identified who is riding (age, gender, type of trip), where are they riding, and track changes in cycling rates over time as investments in cycling infrastructure are made.

Partners: Partners included the City of Atlanta, the Atlanta Regional Commission, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Georgia Institute of Technology.


Cycle Atlanta website