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Summary of Best Practices in Electric Vehicle Ordinances

This document is a summary guide to electric vehicle (EV) and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) ordinances in the US for 18 cities.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Latest examples: This 2019 report provides example language for cities seeking legal language for overseeing fleet electrification in  public and private buildings.

Best practices: The guide highlights exemplery zoning code language and code elements.

Tips & Techniques

Background: Electric vehciles sales, as well as use by public agencies, is increasing. This requires the installation of conveninet electric vehicle charging stations. Charging may be a primary use or an accessory use within zoning codes

Ordinance provisions covered: Ordinance includes (1) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations as Permitted Land Uses, (2) Electric Vehicle Make-Ready Standards, (3) Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Standards, (4) Electric Vehicle Parking Space Design and Location, (5) Required EV Parking Capacity & Minimum Parking Requirements, (6) Electric Vehicle-Designed Parking Use Standards and Protections, and (7) Signage, Safety, and Other Standards.

The summary does not address building or electric codes, only zoning ordinance language and associated tools

Hot Buttons: Much of the language at this point is encounraged, but not required, so it is uncertain the impact for expanded capacity. 


Summary of Best Practices in Electric Vehicle Ordinances