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Mobile Front Porch

Livable Memphis, a non-profit in Memphis Tennesee, constructed a mobile kiosk, in the form of a front porch, to take civic meetings to the streets.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Relatable outreach: In the US South, the front porch is a revered part of family and civic life.

Mobile: Because the kiosk is on wheels, public outreach efforts can go to almost any parking space

Tips & Techniques

Uses: The porch can be used to conduct focus groups, surveys, portable meeting space, volunteer hubs, neighborhood projects and other engaging uses. 

Users: In addition to the local government, consider renting out to civic and church groups, non-profits, and even small businesses.

Construction tips: Porches can be as simple as a shaded facility on a flatbed trailer, or a more elaborate modular construction that includes a porch and enclosed space for storage. Elements also include portable, sturdy stairs for access.

Elements: Include rocking chairs, lighting, signage. Optional elements include ceiling and other fans, coolers, art supplies, 

Hot Buttons: Wheelchair accessibility can be difficult, so expand the porch concept to ground level.


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Image credit: Livable Memphis