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Active Streets Toolkit

The Active Streets LA Street Treatment toolkit contains 45 idea cards explainging elements of street design, signage and transportation assets. 

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Visual communications: The cards allow community members and technical experts to share ideas with a common, visual language. 

Free resource: The cards, which cover commonly-used street design elements, are available for free download.

Tips & Techniques

Getting started:  Use for public meetings, internal brainstorm sessions, and planning exercises. 

Printing the cards: The Dropbox file is 24 pages and contains 45 doubled-sided cards.  The cards feature rich graphics on one side and a photo represnetation on the back with information. For heavy use, print on heavier cardstock. 

Hot Buttons:  The rich colors will use a lot of ink.  The ideas may not be available everywhere.


Active Streets LA Toolkit (Dropbox file)  sponsoroed by LA County Bicycle Coalition, LA DOT Bicycle Coaltion, TRUST South LA, LA County Department of Public Health (funder) Tiffanie Tran


Image: Tiffanie Tran