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Scrabble in the Park

Create a giant Scrabble board for a community game in public spaces.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Activate public space: Life-sized board games help activate public spaces either as a popup or included in a larger community fair or event.  

Tips & Techniques

Events and venues: Organize as part of a festival, event or as a popup/

Materials: Materials can be as simple as cardboard tiles or stenciled boards with or without scores. Scores are better if teams are playing while scoreless tiles allow for more unscripted play.  Boards can be free-form, or if a plaza has square pavers, use as a guide (which can include painters tape to mark squares).  Boards can also be constructed against a metal wall with magnets.

Outreach: If held as part of an event, include in the promotional materials to give people a heads up. Reach out to organizations that want to sponsor teams. If a popup, give some advance notice to make sure people will be prepared to play. If held in conjunction with an event or outreach, tie key terms (for example as part of a multi-modal or planning event) into game play.

Hot Buttons: Wind and rain can be factors.  Make sure there is enough space to play. 

Images: Main image: Flickr/Open Streets Cape Town; Second image: Flickr/Michael Zimmer