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Practices for Engagement in the Time of COVID-19

This 11-page Guide  includes tips and resources for online and adapted traditional engagement from the Salt Lake City Civic Engagement Team.

Engagement Planning: The Guide opens with an overview of the elements and types of civic engagement

Online Engagement, Things to Keep in Mind: This section establishes online discussion guidelines/process agreements, with attention to Zoom and other online meeting platforms.

Equity & Accessibility: This section reviews how to reach people who do not have access to online meetings, language barriers, as well as considerations for participants with disabilities (e.g. blind participants). This section contains numerous resources to address equity.

Traditional and Modified Traditional Outreach Tools: This section covers non-digital tools that can be used to expand outreach. For modified methods, the Guide suggests alterations that include physical distancing

Resources: The final section include more information on COVID-19 and bridging the digital divide.