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Metropolitan Transportation Plan Data Source Guide (Orlando)

This 23-page guide outlines the comprehensive set of data types and their sources used for the Metropolitan Orlando 2045 Plan (January 2020)

MetroPlan Orlando’s 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (2045 MTP) uses reliable data sources to inform policy decisions and plan better infrastructure that supports an improved quality of life for all transportation system users.

Through a data-driven planning process, the 2045 Plan strives for balance between system demand, community, and transportation goals such as:

  • Safety & Security
  • Reliability & Performance
  • Access & Connectivity
  • Health & Environment
  • Investment & Economy

This data source guide lists the comprehensive set of data types and their sources (with hyperlinks) used for the 2045 Plan. The data sections are:

  • Roadway Facility Characteristics
  • Traffic & Mobility Data
  • Bicycle & Pedestrian Data
  • Transit Data
  • Freight Commodity Type & Flow Data
  • Safety Data
  • Socioeconomic Data
  • Environmental & Health Data
  • Visitation Data


Metropolitan Transportation Plan Technical Series #2 Data Source Guide