What's New in City Design

Smart Cities Explorer

The Smart City Explorer is a digital, interactive "textbook" showing various smart city technologies for campuses, greenfield, and brownfield sites. The site was developed by the Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand and the Place Design Group  in 2018.  The Explorer is a companion to the Code for Smart Cities guide.



Benefits & Problems Addressed

Graphic presentation: The interface allows users to explore technologies, a summary of their benefits and metrics for assessing thier utility.

Variety of Smart City Technologies: The Explorer shows a range of smart city, lighting, and mobility technologies and how they relate to placemaking.

Tips & Techniques

Education Tool: Use with citizens and working groups to understand the various types of smart city technologies on the market. 

Applicability: The Explorer presents ideas for three development types: campuses, greenfield (new development) and brownfields (redevelopment and infill). . Each has been created from a 'place-based' perspective incorporating the Code for Smart Communities.

Smart City Planning:  The Explorer includes elements and metrics that can be integrated into your local plan.