Civic Sphere

Advanced decision making ​for 21st century cities - We design for increasing levels of complexity, uncertainty, and technology-enabled transformation. ​

CivicSphere addresses complex decision making in cities. Systems, technology, and futures are fundamental elements for decision support. Reacting to the systems behind your work results in increased efficiency, addressed root causes, and mutually beneficial partnerships. Preparing for the future aids you in managing uncertainty and remaining effective as the future unfolds. Selecting appropriate technology and maximizing it enables more accurate analyses and advanced solutions with continued relevance.

Client Segments & Services

Segments: Local & Regional Governments, Transit Agencies, Private sector clients

Systems Products & Services: Systems Reorientation, Root Cause Intervention, Negative Impact Mitigation

Futures Products & Services: Scenario Planning, Alternative Futures, Strategic Foresights

Technology Products & Services: Technology Matchmaking (finding technology), Technology Sherpa (using technology you already have to fullest extent)

Areas of Expertise: Transportation,  Smart Cities, Civic Technology,  Emergency Management, Master Planning, Green Building, Graphic Communications,  Data-Driven Decision Making, Performance-Driven Planning, Education & Facilitation

Company Details

  • Located in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Certified DBE/Georgia
  • Consultant to the Scenario Planning Consortium
  • Accredited: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional (AP) and American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)


Janae Futrell

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Urban Management's Abundant Technology Toolbox, Governing 

Consortium for Scenario Planning, Decision Support Consultant