Exchange Zones for Online Purchases

Exchange zones are safe areas for people buying goods from unknown sellers online.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Reduced chance of crime: As online exchanges like Craigslist proliferate, the actual act of exchanging goods for money poses a chance for criminal activity. Establishing a safe zone reduces the incentives for robbery and other crimes. 

Support for bartering and goods exchange: Selling used items provide economic support for the seller and keeps unused items out of landfills.

Tips & Techniques

Track incidences: Determine if a designated goods exchange area is needed.

Locate near law enforcement offices: Establish the designated goods exchange areas in parking lots near public safety offices such as police and fire departments with clearly marked video surveillance

Automobile sales: For use car sales, consider how test drives take place and how to check for stolen automobiles (via VIN number checks).

Other uses: Safe areas can also help with child custodial exchanges.

Hot Buttons: Where high levels of activity interfere with civic and public safety operations.. Using zones for sales of weapons & fire arms.


Image: Flickr/North Charleston, Ryan Johnson