Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs)

Junior accessory dwelling units create separate, small in-law suites within an existing single-family  house.  Permitting requirements are typically lighter than for attached/detached ADUs (e.g., fewer restrictions on sprinklers, parking) and include allowance for a small kitchen.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

More units with fewer regulatory hurdles: Homeowners can create suites within their homes inexpensively and quickly.  JADU programs seek to eliminate or lessen requirements that form the biggest, most expensive hurdles: sprinklers and parking.

Affordability: JADUs offer affordability for renters (increase in supply) and for homeowners.

Flexibility: Units can be constructued and dissembled quickly.

Tips & Techniques

How to get started: Read your city or county's zoning code to determine the requirements for accessory dwelling units. Document the restrictions. California has adopted state legislation defining the parameters & process for JADUs.

Regulatory considerations: With Junior ADUs, the zoning and deed remains the same. In general, JADUs are allowed in all single family, residential zoning categories.

Comparison of JADUs and ADUs: Though not currently in widespread use, California is leading the way on junior ADUs:

Located within main house, attached or detached cottage Located wholly within the main structure
Off-street parking required     Parking not required
Full kitchen  Small kitchen
Separate entrance Separate or within home
Permit fees Reduced or waived permit fees
Fire proofing & sprinklers Smoke detectors 

Smaller kitchen:  California's law governs kitchen size by plumbing (a wet-bar type kitchen with a 1.5 inch drain pipe limit and limits on stoves/overs to standard electrical service (110v). This means a homeowner cannot install natural gas or heavier electric service for a large stove. 

Hot Buttons: The relaxed requirements raise common concerns with neighbors on parking and additional rental units. California's action on the state level overrides local authority.


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California Legislation CA AB2406

Image: Novato California