Real Time Flood Monitoring & Alerts

Real time, connected monitors alert first responders and city residents of areas under risk of flash flooding & inundation. Technology can also add a predictive feature for even earlier alerts.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Safety: Alerts can signal need to evacuate ahead of flash floods & help first responders better understand risk.

Tips & Techniques

Program components: Partners can include cities, state emergency management, universities, & federal government offices (FEMA, National Weather Service, and US Geologic Service). Data collection can include stream elevation, soil saturation, rainfall and other weather parameters. Include historic inundation & flooding.

Predictive technology: Next generation software and sensors may better predict the location & time of flooding hotspots. This can help local governments prioritize investments, fortification and strategic retreat from areas of repeat loss.

Road crossings: Link alerts and closures for bridges that cross rivers/streams prone to fast-rising waters that can endanger motorists.

Hot Buttons: Working across governments for gage monitoring and maintenance. Property owners in flood-prone areas may be uneasy with public information on repeat flooding.



Flood Inundation Mapping & Alert Network - North Carolina, US

StormSense - Multiple partners