Rain-Activated Art

Rain activated art uses special hydrophobic paint that only appears when wet.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Take advantage of rainy days: Activates the streetscape during the rain.

Inexpensive use of unadorned space: Sidewalks offer accessible, unused space for fun, inspiration and art.

Tips & Techniques

Getting Started: See if there are prohibitions and graffiti laws that might be triggered.  In general, paint that is temporary & non-damaging and messages that are not advertise are legal. With rain-activated paint, there are only 2 colors (wet & dry gray). Avoid dirty, sealed, non-concrete sidewalks that drain poorly.

Art ideas: For spray on, make stencils of sayings, hopscotch, and games. 

Stormwater messages: Use in runoff prevention campaigns to help pedestrians make connections between rain and pollution prevention.

Where to purchase: Rainworks sells temporary paint in a starter kit and full bottle. Google hydrophobic paint (make sure it is non-toxic, non-corrosive and temporary).



Image: Rainworks