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Meeting in a Box

Meeting in a Box is meeting designed for community groups, neighborhood associations, co-workers, or friends to gather at a convenient time and location to share their opinions on the Imagine 2040 Plan created by the Hillsborough Planning Commission.

Street Supplies Library

Provided by the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordination Agncy (NOACA), Street Supplies is a library of supplies for temporary street installations for bicycle, pedestrian and transit improvements. The library includes a range of materials such as paint, bike racks and planters.

Tracking Key Performance Metrics

Cities are increasingly establishing key performance metrics (or KPIs) to track performance of municipal functions. Cities typically pick a key goal, associated metrics and benchmarks for success. The tracking system will show how the city is performing relative to the set goal. Scores can be shown for individual functions or as an overall aggregate score.

Designing Policy: The Game

Designing Policy is a board & card game to help players understand and navigate a project, its design, and relevant policies. The game was developed in 2017 by the Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship.

Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning is a process to identify alternative futures based on trends and drivers of change. Used when there are unknown variables, participants can detect plausible futures and from there, select desired futures, goals and activities to get there.

Mobile Front Porch

Livable Memphis, a non-profit in Memphis Tennesee, constructed a mobile kiosk, in the form of a front porch, to take civic meetings to the streets.

Neighborhood Innovation Programs

A neighborhood innovation lab gathers residents, educators, tech companies, government officials and other stakeholders to solve local problems through data analysis, apps, sensors that monitor neighborhood resources and Internet of Things (Iot) devices.

Active Streets Toolkit

The Active Streets LA Street Treatment toolkit contains 45 idea cards explainging elements of street design, signage and transportation assets.

Cycle Atlanta App

Cycle Atlanta is a smart phone app that collects and reports information to inform decisions on bicycle programs in Atlanta Georgia

Drivers of Change cards

The Future Deck cards spark conversations about the emerging challenges and opportunities, in this case in Singapore

Public Engagement & Noticing Manual - St Luis Obispo

St. Luis Obispo California created a manual/ templates to improve outreach for informing, consulting and collaborating with the community. The guide provides local information & checklists on legal requirements, stakeholders, venues, and the press.

UrbanDig Project Omonia – Artistic Practices for Sustainable Urban Communities

UrbanDig Project is the meeting point of performance art and urban space within a "dig" of a cultural capital in the contemporary city. in Athens Greece, The project supports bottom-up activities and intends to build trust inside the communities by integrating innovative practices in ways that are outside traditional norms but expect to share a common interest in the neighborhood leading to its’ sustainable development.

Infunstructure Trivia Site

Infunstructure is a Tumblr site with fun trivia on infrastructure sponsored by smart city tech compnay Placemeter.

Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge

Playgrounds for Useful Knowledge held playful community programming on a vacant lot to tackle thorny issues such as gentrification, environmental restoration and housing through participatory design.

Digital Plans & Playbooks

Digital plans and playbooks present goals and strategies for developing and improving a city's digital services.

Community Design Centers

Community Design Centers host physical space for interdisciplinary collaboration for city & community design. These centers convene citizens, academics, professionals and civic leaders to shape design options and decisions.