Floodwall Murals

Floodwall murals provide art on otherwise expansive, blank walls.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Visual Interest: Murals provide visual interest for those travelling by and locations across waterways and rivers.

Destination & branding: Murals provide a destination for locals and tourists, providing a "postcard" image for branding.

Support for Artists: Murals support artists work as part of infrastructure.

Tips & Techniques

Plan for multiple uses: Use the land around floodwalls as part of destination programming, for example, bike paths, entertainment venues and education.

Include in climate resilience plans: As flooding & storm surge risks increase, floodwall installations will increase; plan for multiple uses and art from the early stages of planning.

Durability & Maintenance: Use design and materials that can withstand recurrent flooding., including  high velocity, debris laden flood waters.

Hot Buttons: Getting permission (many floodwalls are managed by the Army Corps of Engineers). Refreshing & maintaining art over time. Use of local versus national artists.

Examples and Resources

Ohio River Tourism Floodwall Murals  - Scioto County Ohio

Wall to Wall Mural Program  - Paducah Kentucky

Image Credits: Lynn deLerie & David Wilson