Pervious Pavers

Pervious pavers provide infiltrative surfaces in urban landscpaes for sidewalks, walkways, parking and streets. Installation and subsurface preparation are designed for maximum performance and maintenance.

Benefits & Problems Addressed: Pervious pavers help reduce stormwater runoff management needs/costs by absorbing and infiltrating rainwater into subsurface soil or structures. 

Tips, tricks, and techniques:
• Pavers provide advantages of hardscapes while reducing the amount of runoff delivered to storm sewers.
• Pavers can increase citizen interest in urban water management and, when laid well, can actually improve the look of streets.
• Pavers avoid sewer flooding, reduce pollutants in rainwater, and protect and enhance groundwater quality.
• Hot Button: initial costs (preparation, materials) can be higher than concrete. While pavers offset stormwater costs, these may be in different budgets. Infiltrative gaps can get clogged and compacted over time. Tree roots can push up on pavers, causing trip hazards and additinoal maintenance.

Portland Oregon US North Gay Avenue Porous Pavement Pilot Project

Further information:
New York City Green Infrastructure Guide (2012)