How Can I Get a Marketplace Profile?

GreaterPlaces is reaching out to select firms to build the first market profiles.  If you are interested, drop us an email and we will get back to you.  Take a look at the profiles thus far and let us know what you like and what needs a change.  Thanks and stay tuned!

In the meantime - here is how it works:

GreaterPlaces is building a whole new way to connect on all things city design:

A storytelling platform perfect for explaining how you can solve clients' challenges

Your products & services are linked to content & conversations across multiple disciplines and across multiple channels

Stay ahead of the disruption affecting all aspects of city design & governance with news, insights, and content 

How does GreaterPlaces work?

This beta has three main features:

What's New - new information, publications and more.

City Design Manual - An organized trove of best practices, listing benefits, techniques and references.

Marketplace - Company profiles describing services and products for cities.

Within these features, users can share material, save to favorites and link to the GreaterPlaces website.

What's the ROI of a profile?

Advertising-as-a-Service: We've spent two years interviewing users and advertisersYour future clients are looking for your help in solving community challenges.  Our Use Case studies, and "how to" formats tell that story.

Connected content: Users who go to a best practice will be connected to your work.  

Community of innovators:  Named a Planetizen "Top 10" resource, we have a community of civic innovators doing cutting edge work around the globe.

Insights: Technology is disrupting practically every aspect of city design, management and civic engagement.  As a technology company ourselves, GreaterPlaces is on the front lines of smart city technology.


What is a Use or  Case Study? Like Case studies, Use Case studies describe how a city (and their partners & consultants) approached a challenge. Use cases pay particular attention to the problem to be solved. Our interviews with users showed that this approach would be the most helpful format for how you market your services and products.

What if there is not a best practice to link to my services? Write one!  The only way to grow the collection is through our community.

Are there more features planned?  Yes.  This is a minimum product for testing initial features. We plan to leverage technology for an array of tools for visualization, organization, print, and decision support. Stay tuned.