Bike Sharing World Map

The Bike Sharing World Map collects information on the status of bike share programs worldwide. The map shows self-service automated, advanced automated and mixed automated/manned public use bike-sharing services. The map shows operators, but not the location of available bikes or stations.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Comprehensive information on bike share programs: As bike sharing increases in popularity, users can view the status of bike sharing in a particular town. 

Tips & Techniques

Using the Map: Zoom in on individual icons to see the status and location. Green Bicycle Icon: A system in operation. Blue Question Mark Icon: A system in planning or construction. Red Caution Icon: A system no longer in operation.

Updates: The site is updated regulatory and includes contact information for reporting a new or suspended operator.

Features: Users can zoom in, print a map and/or embed the code (see below).


Bike Sharing Map of the World