Bicycle Transit Stations

Bicycle Transit Stations provide amenities  or bicyclists at transit stations.  Amenities include high capacity, secure bicycle parking, repairs and retail for bike-related services and products.  In some cases, facilities include lockers, changing rooms and showers. Also referred to as Bicycle Hubs.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Seamless transfers among modes: Bike stations at intermodal facilities helps bicyclists make efficient transfers to transit.

Increased bicycling: Increased biking reduces rip otherwise made by car and includes other health and environmental benefits.

Secure & convenient parking: Bike transit stations provide secure, covered parking to reduce the risk of theft and bike damage.

Tips & Techniques

Getting started: Bike transit stations are typically located as part of an inter-modal facility (airport, rail, subway or bus rapid transit station).  The best stations are where demand for simple bike racks exceeds parking and within walk distance of commercial uses that do not provide secure parking (i.e., for daily commuters).  Some cities and employers offer incentive programs that can include bike transit station memberships.

Costs: Bike transit stations offer daily, monthly and annual fees with costs pegged to amenities.  Most plans are roughly $100/year.  

Typical Facilities & Operations: In a simplest format, a bike transit station or hub provides secure parking (bike cage or enclosed facility).  Users have a key or code to enter the facility and park their bikes.  Larger formats can include staff for operations, repairs, classes and tours.  Most facilities use space-efficient design for parking, including stacked or double decker racks. 

Stations often provide other services that include classes, repair shops, retail and tours.

Rules: Most stations issue rules on hours of parking, time limits (e.g., no more than 72 consecutive hours), ​

Hot Buttons: Costs (labor, real estate) in and around transit stations can be high.


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