Smart Mobility Roadmap - Austin

The City of Austin Texas is proactively planning discrete steps for adopting shared, electric, and autonomous vehicles for a future that is equitable, affordable, prosperous and data-driven. 

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Focus on test-ready technologies: Austin is looking at the convergence of autonomous, electric and shared fleets. 

Establish a policy framework early:  To avoid congestion and sprawl, Austin looked at interlinking policy areas to shape shared, electric and autonomous fleets.

Focus on outcomes: Instead of technology, the roadmap focuses on outcomes the technologies provide, such as safety, mobility, access, affordability and equity.

Tips & Techniques

How the roadmap works:  The roadmap will be coordinated with the Austin Strategic Mobility Plan, Capital Metro’s Project Connect, and shared with the regional organization, Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO). The roadmap includes the larger planning context as well as pilot programs that allow rapid testing and scaled deployment.

The Roadmap Structure: The City of Austin and Capital Metro’s Smart Mobility Roadmap encompasses five key areas:

  • Shared-Use Mobility
  • Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Data and Technology, and
  • Land Use and Infrastructure

The Smart Mobility Roadmap is divided into three sections:

  • The first section provides insight into each of these areas as well as the convergence of technology. It also discusses national efforts related to shared, electric and autonomous mobility.
  • The second section looks at how this technology may affect Austin's equity, affordability and safety and workforce.  
  • The final section discusses the current Council and Board resolutions and initiatives and describes how executing a plan like this may impact projects and operational resources.

Hot Buttons: The report is not tied to resources or allocated funds, which must be done later for implementation.  The roadmap puts less emphasis on individually-owned and operated electric autonomous vehicles in favor of shared vehicles. It is unclear whether the larger public will adapt to shared over owned vehicles.


Smart Mobility Roadmap home page, Austin, Texas 

Full Report (Draft, 141 pages)