Writing Resolutions for New Mobility

This White Paper guides cities and towns through the process of setting policies and writing resolutions for new mobility including shared use mobility and autonomous vehicles.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Getting ahead of technology: Cities can establish early priorities before technology companies arrive to negotiate new services.

Civic engagement on the future: Cities & towns can engage the public early in the process to demystify emerging transportation technology.

Accessible information on complex topics: The White Paper explains autonomous and other technologies in simple terms. The language can be used for many purposes including resolutions, presentations, and talking points.

Tips & Techniques

Getting started:  Information in the paper can be used in a variety of ways: (1) General background information; (2) information for the public and stakeholders; (3) language for formal resolutions; and (4) language for policy, for example to update Comprehensive & Transportation Plans.

Audiences: (1) Elected officials to use with constituents & stakeholders; (2)  City or County Managers to direct action across Departments; (3)  Local and regional governments for transportation technology policy updates; (4) Transportation, health, and transit advocacy groups for shaping public comments and positions.

Understanding risks & benefits: The Paper includes a summary of common risks and benefits associated with autonomous technology.

Governing Changes on the Horizon:  The paper addresses technology disruption with data, revenue, privacy/security, community design, parking, street design, and public acceptance.

Local context: The paper lists suggestions for communities that are at various stages of adopting transportation technology: (1)  getting started; (2)  attracting or hosting tests and pilot program; and (3) getting ahead of technology to minimize risks.

Sample language: The paper's Appendix lists sample language communities can adopt or adapt.


 Autonomous Vehicles in Beverly Hills - Beverly Hills, California US