Economic Benefits

Image: Center for Neighborhood Technology & American Rivers

Support for green infrastructure can rely on making the economic case for dollars saved and multiple benefits of installations. 

Benefits & Problems Addressed

Green infrastrucure helps reduce overall costs associated with water (infiltration, stormwater management, reuse), however, many of the investments and costs appear in non-traditional budget categories.  Understanding the overall economics can help explain higher material and upfront costs and lower long term and maintenance costs.  Green infrastructure projects are often designed to serve multiple purposes. 

Tips & Techniques

Common techniques & terms: Common techniques include green roofs, tree canopy, water harvesting, infiltration/retention , permeable pavers and planters.

Common benefits: (1) reduction in waer treatment/management costs, (2) water supply, (3) reduction in urban heat island & energy costs, (4) aesthetics

Hot Buttons: Some green infrastructure techn iques have higher upfront costs than conventioanl “gray” infrastructure, but lower lifetime costs that are poorly recognized in typical m uniciple and utility budgets and reporting periods. 


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