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Special Spotlight: Andy Boenau, founder of Speakeasy Media

Storytelling for the 21st Century


Andy Boenau established Speakeasy Media to help professionals & innovators in city design create and share stories for a 21st century audience. The goal: translate technical jargon into accessible and user-friendly content. Andy has taught hundreds of planners, architects, and engineers how to combine traditional presentation skills with digital media tools.

Market Segments & Services

Video production: Storyboarding, filming, production, distribution.

Podcasting: Training, coaching, production.

Social media marketing: strategies, tutorials, best practices.


Urbanism Speakeasy 

Walk Lobby TV 


We can (should!) mainstream bicycling as transportation 

How to use ancient philosophy to save modern society 


Top 20 Under 40 (Engineering News-Record, 2015), Official Selection (New Urbanism Film Festival, 2015), Top 40 Under 40 (Style Weekly, 2014), Best Walkability Film (New Urbanism Film Festival, 2014), Innovation and Social Media (American Planning Association, 2013)


Andy Boenau, Storyteller.

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