Housing's Missing Middle

Missing Middle Housing is a range of multi-unit or clustered housing types compatible in scale with single-family homes to meet the growing demand for walkable neighborhoods.

Benefits/Problem Addressed

Complementary infill housing: The missing middle helps cities add housing while keeping community character 

Affordability: Small scale, multiple units help also reduce maintenance and utility costs for owners and/or renters.

Tips & Techniques

Catalogue existing styles: In developing guidance, document the missing middle types that already existing in the community.

Consider locations: Missing middle housing can be sprinkled within neighborhoods or clustered as a transition from commercial districts or higher density, multi-unit buildings.

Examples: Examples include Duplexes, Triplexes, Courtyard and Bungalow Courts and Live/Work units.

Codes & regulations: Update zoning codes if needed; consider form based codes

Hot Buttons: Parking, introduction of rental units near single family homes, use for short term rentals like airbnb


Portland (OR) Courtyard Housing Design Competition Entries and Winners- 2007

Michigan Missing Middle Design Competition  - 2015


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Image: Opticos Design Inc.